Friday, June 27, 2008

PF Changs with Friends

Tonight Jonathon, Payton, Stephanie, Greg and I drove to Orlando to meet up with Katelyn, Michael, Macie, Randy, Ashlea, Gavin and Grace for a delicious meal at PF Changs. Usually this is not my favorite restaurant but because Jonathon loves it so much I could not turn down the invite. However, after starving from a long 3 hour wait it was one of the best meals I have ever had... the great wall of chocolate cake helped! It is so great to spend time with friends and eat good food (can you tell I am pregnant?) All of the kids were so good at dinner until close to the end when Payton got tired but luckily she fell asleep so we got to enjoy the rest of the night with a sleeping beauty.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Beach

Jonathon, Payton and I went down to Cocoa for another short family vacation. We had so much fun playing on the beach, swimming and going for walks. Linda and Natalie came up and stayed with us so we got to have lots of fun with them. I did not get beach photos this time because every time we went down I forgot my camera.

After going out to eat at Red Lobster we tried to get down to the beach to take some photos but we ran out of light. I wanted to get some photos of Payton with a swirly lollipop for her playroom and birthday but had no time or light to work with so I will have to try this photo shot again, but until then here is my Lollipop Kid.

Payton trying to get me to open the lollipop.
Payton trying to open the lollipop.
Linda and Natalie
Me, Payton and Britten 21W1D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beauty Night

Tonight we had a church get together to share beauty secrets. Ashlea hosted the party and she did a great job. I got to learn new beauty secrets and spend time with the girls which are always so much fun! Thanks to all the girls who shared their secrets.

My girly girl

When I was pregnant with Payton I wanted a little girl so bad. I would daydream about having a girl and was often offended when someone would tell me that I was carrying like it was a boy or any of the other crazy wives’ tales that was not in favor of the baby being a girl. It took 5 ultrasounds for the doctors to confirm that it was a girl so until it was confirmed I would go on signs like for example one day I was at work and one of the girls said that her doctor called a girl’s private parts a butterfly because that is what it looks like on the ultrasound and later that day I came into the office after lunch and a butterfly was sitting on my shoulder (when does that ever happen?). I would also hear that song butterfly kisses on the radio all the time even some days more than once. Well luckily I was blessed with a little girl because I could have easily been humbled considering I was probably to set on the baby being a girl. Anyways, my little girl has turned into quite the girly girl with her baby dolls, purses, jewelry and now shoes. Payton has finally conquered the high-heel shoes. I got her on tape and what you are seeing at the end is her getting mad at me and wanting me to put them back on. She followed me around the house all morning with the heels insisting that I help her put them back on if they would come off. I love these little precious memories of her. I just hope to not get any footage of Britton like this;).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One of those nights...

After having a lovely dinner at Linda and Rick's house I was happy to get home and put Payton to sleep so I could get my house cleaned before Jonathon returned home. Payton unfortunately did not fall asleep on the ride home so I put her in my bed (I am too scared to sleep alone ;) and waited for her to fall asleep. I usually will clean my room or get on the internet while she is lying in bed because she usually insists that I stay with her until she does fall asleep. Well... after a clean bedroom and bathroom and no sleeping baby I decide to sneak off to switch the laundry. Now when I leave the room she usually will yell, "Mommy!, Mommy!, Mommy!" and I did not hear this so I continued with a few other chores. Now any mother knows that a quite toddler is not always a good thing and this proved to be true tonight. I came in to see if I lucked out with her falling asleep and found her covered in lotion from a bottle that she found in my bed. Luckily she was smiling which made me smile instead of getting angry because as tired as I am it could have been really upsetting! So anyways I guess the moral of this story is to never trust a toddler even if it is with a harmless bottle of baby lotion. I have had to learn this the hard way when Jonathon was watching her and she opened a red fingernail polish all over our couch. At least I have a fresh smelling baby to snuggle with tonight and she is now asleep so off to cleaning I go ;).

Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish all of the father’s a Happy Happy father’s day and especially to my father-in-laws Ricky and Rick, my father, my stepfather Ron and my wonderful husband Jonathon! It is nice to have a day that honors these amazing men who do so much for their families. Jonathon has been such a great daddy to Payton and I am so lucky to have him. Payton is especially grateful for her daddy’s awesome Wiggle’s songs he sings her and how he shows her unconditional love! Jonathon, I love you so much! Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace, Ben, Brigham & Aishlinn

Payton went to her first birthday party to celebrate Grace, Ben, Brigham & Aishlinn's 3rd birthday . The party was very nice and Payton had a great time.
Happy Birthday Grace, Ben, Brigham & Aishlinn

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The kids are finally in their own beds!

The kids are in their beds!
I decided last night to try Payton out in her big girl bed. She was a little hesitant (and so was I) but after staying in there with her for about 30 minutes she fell into a deep sleep. When it was time for Jonathon and me to go to bed we tried talking each other into going to get her but both decided that it would be best if we got her use to the idea of sleeping in her own bed. This is a way harder transition for Jonathon and me than it is for Payton, but I know it will be the best thing to prepare for when Britten gets here and has his late night crying and feedings. Payton did great until she woke up at 3:30am calling for me which was great for me because I sleep better with her beside me (minus the occasional kicks to the face;).

Payton finally sleeping!

As for Cali… well she was kicked out of our bed when Payton was born and had a way harder time with it than what Payton has. She fought us on it for months but finally she is comfortable with her new sleeping arrangements on the couch in the playroom. Every night Jonathon or I will get her blanket out and cover her up. It’s funny because she expects it to happen every night and does not go to sleep until she is tucked in… what a baby!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sinus infection + Bronchitis + Ear Infection + Pregnancy= Unhappy girl!

I have been sick for the past week and a half and after thinking it was getting better it only got worse! I have been trying to fight off being sick with no medications and thought I was doing good until yesterday when my teeth and right ear started hurting like crazy. Luckily I had a 20 week doctor’s checkup today and was able to ask my doctor if there was anything to relief the ear pain… there is not much worse than a tooth and ear ache and I have been lucky enough to have both at the same time. My doctor fortunately is in with a group of doctors and was able to get me right in with a family doctor who told me that I had a sinus infection, bronchitis, an ear infection and there are antibiotics that I could take while being pregnant…THANK GOODNESS! I went to Publix where they have penicillin for free and I am praying that it will help relief some if not all of this pain in my ear and knock out all of the other stuff.
The good news: Everything went well at my checkup with Britten. The doctor said that the ultrasound came back normal and now I get to sit back for a few weeks without worrying as much which will be a nice break because when I get close to the end I know I will start to freak out again about the delivery ;). 19W4D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wiggly Dancer

Payton is a HUGE Wiggles fan and has picked out her favorite song. Whenever this song comes on she starts dancing like crazy. When she first saw it she thought one of the four dancing girls was me (I guess because they have longer hair) and would point to the TV and say, “Mommy! Mommy!”. I love how happy and full of life she is.

Payton and Jayden driving the car

Today Payton and I got watch Jayden and what a sweetie he is. He was such a good boy and had so much fun playing with Payton. Payton was for the most part nice to Jayden like when she would give him pretzels and kisses but would sometimes be mean when he had a toy she wanted or if she felt like he was not taking turns with the Dora Car. The Dora Car was Jayden’s favorite toy and he spent most of his time climbing in and out and pretend driving (such a boy). I look forward to Payton and Jayden growing up together and becoming great friends. I was real tempted to get the dresses and bows out to play dress up with Jayden but enjoy having him over too much and did not want Rhea or Geoffrey to take my privileges away;).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's definitely a boy!

Jonathon, Payton and I went to get an ultrasound done today and they confirmed that it was definitely a boy. Although the ultrasound techs don't tell you if there is a problem (I learned that when I got an ultrasound at 7 weeks) she said that everything looked good from what she saw and that the doctor would look over everything. The tech said that he weighed 9 ounces (which does not explain the weight gain ;) and is right on track. I will try to post the sonograms when I learn how to do that. Jonathon and I have decided on Britten Craig Wise. Craig is Jonathon's middle name and Britten is just a name that I heard and really liked. Jonathon is at the store right now getting paint and supplies so I will busy for the next few weeks getting his room together. I am going to keep it very simple since Payton spends no time in her room and has spent a total of maybe three hours in her crib since she was born. I am very hopeful that Britten will sleep in his crib... but we will see;). 18W4D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Such a fun enrichment activity!

Tonight I went to the ward enrichment activity with Ashlea, Stephanie and Payton and had a blast! It was the best enrichment night I have been to yet (not that I have been to a ton). It was very laid back and chill. We got to all hang out and talk, play games and eat delicious food. The games were all games that were optional so if you wanted to just talk then you could do that or play board games. I played a really fun game called pin corner (I think that is what it was called) which is an older game but a very exciting and interactive game. It is kind of like playing the stock market so there was a lot of shouting and table hitting. Payton thought it was so funny when the game was going because there was so much excitement. At the end of the night Payton went to Megan Berge and played for a little while (nice break for mommy ;)… thanks Megan! It is so nice to hang out with the sisters of the ward and get to know them better. Thanks Rachel and relief society for planning such a fun and relaxing night.
Payton having the most fun!
My pregnant buddy Stephanie.

Megan and Payton

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our little shopper

Tonight for FHE Jonathon, Payton and I went to the Millennium mall for dinner and a little shopping. We went to Pottery Barn Kids and Payton had so much fun running around the store picking out furniture and playing with the toys. Jonathon and I walked around the corner and she was lying comfortably in their toddler show bed. She is such a goof! She then tested out the toys and the chair. It is so fun watching Payton do all of her little silly things.

Skinny Dipping

Today Payton, Cali and I enjoyed some fun in the sun with our handy little blow up pool. I set the pool up in our front porch area of my house and put the kiddie gate up to block the entrance. Payton had a blast! She and Cali got to go skinny dipping because it was our own private resort but she could not hide from mommy’s camera! I made water balloons for Payton to play with and she loved throwing them even though she could not get them to bust. Cali got in the pool and Payton thought it was the funniest thing. After watching Cali drink from the water Payton kept mocking her by licking the water. Payton is at the stage where she mocks what other people do and especially what Cali does…so if you ever see her panting like a dog… it was Cali who taught her that not me;).

Payton pretending that she is Cali drinking from the pool.

Here is Payton helping Cali hunt for lizards. This is something that Cali takes very serious.
I think this photo was taken just before Cali popped a hole in my fancy $6 pool.

18 Weeks

I did not take that many photos while I was pregnant with Payton (the heavier I got the more I avoided the camera) and I totally regret it know that I am pregnant again and would love to compare bellies. I am going to try to take more pregnancy photos this time so here is my 18 week photo. I find out on Wednesday if Britten is really a Britten or if he is a she which I would probably name Ava. I am about 95% sure that it is a boy but you always hear those crazy stories of stuff being swollen so we will see. I will post for sure on Wednesday.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feeding the ducks

Payton picking a flower.
What a beautiful flower.
Payton making a wish.

Payton playing hide and seek with a squirrel. This squirrel is lucky that Cali is not with us!

Here Birdie Birdie! Hey! Where are you going!

Time to go home.Payton sleeping after a hard day of play.