Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My heart has been melted!

This morning I went to drop Payton and Britton off at school and I was expecting the worse. Payton and I went to drop Britton off first and I braced myself for him to cry when I left but today was very different. After I dropped Britton’s bag off, Alex ran up to us and showed us his little matchbox cars. I asked Alex if Britton could have one and he handed a car to Britton and I told Britton to go play with Alex. Britton took a couple steps and then turned around (without me asking) and puckered up his lips to give me a kiss goodbye. After I got a kiss I told him to give Payton one so they hugged and kissed and it was so sweet. We walked out with no tears from Britton and Payton said, “bye bubby, have a good day”. Today was the first time he did not cry without having me or Rhea in his class. Little things like this just melt my heart!

Monday, September 27, 2010

When Life Gives You Rain Make A SPLASH!

Ashlea and I meet up at the Sanford Park this evening to play and walk down to the pizza place to get some dinner. It was so much fun and the pizza was great until what appeared to be a hurricane outside started as we were finishing our food. It poured for about 45 minutes and we were stuck inside a little pizzeria with 5 little ones that were SOOOO full of energy, and our cars were about a half of a mile down the street. Everyone was really nice and understanding with us so that helped. After about 45 minutes we decided to try to go back since the rain had let up. Grace and Payton had a blast splashing through the puddles and getting dirty. I told Ashlea that if there was anyone I would want to be caught in the rain with it would be her because she has so much patience and is so positive. Such a great night even with the hurricane! Grace and Payton are such big helpers!
Britton is loving this!
Awe... so sweet!
Getting ready for our hike to the pizza place.

Gavin hitching a ride.
Watermelon to help cool the kids off.
Waiting on pizza.
Gavin trying to pass his time while the rain blows over.

Playing in the rain.
This is what happens when you try to keep 5 little ones in a restaurant 45 minutes longer! Warning: Turn your volume down!

A Last Splash for the Season

Andrea showed me this really cool splash park in Lake Mary a few weeks ago that the kids really liked. The problem was that it closed Oct 1 for the season, so Andrea and I decided to meet one last time before they closed the splash pad down. It was lots of fun minus the stinking love bugs that were attaching us. This is the best part of the Splash Pad. It is completely fenced with the gate closed!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Brinkley Photos

Sweet Baby Brinkley 6 days old
My sister is so beautiful! She literally took 2 minutes to put make up on for the photos. She was just supposed to hold her in the shots so I could take photos of Brinkley's little feet. She's amazing!

6 days old

Already a happy girl!

Watermelon Picking and Exploring

Britton pulling his sissy
Britton found a bugga bugga
Britton's face he makes that makes me laugh... so mean!
We found three wild watermelons
Taken a break from all that bug smashing!

Stinkin Boy!- Warning this is nasty!

Today Cameryn Grace came over to hang out with us for a little bit and we decided to go on a nature walk to explore the outdoors when we came across this cute litte caterpillar. Well I thought it was cute that Britton was so in to it and would say eww bug eww bug so I wanted to tape it to show Jonathan and then Britton being the stinkin boy that he is decided to, "step it and kill it", as Payton use to say. Totally disgusting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bubble Boy

These pictures were inspired by my niece Cameryn. When she was around 4 or 5 her dad took a photo like this and it was one of my favorites. Britton was in the same position so I ran for the camera. So sweet!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our 6th Month Temple Anniversity

This month makes the 6th month in a row that Randy, Ashlea, Jonathan and I have gone to the temple! It has been such a wonderful experience and something I look forward to every month. This time Nate Cox joined us by himself since his wife was sick. We went to Chipotle before and McDonald's afterwards. I'm so grateful for nights like this where I get to feel the spirit and spend time with great friends and get to laugh and laugh and laugh! I love it!

Annual Trip to the Florida Hospital

This makes our 3rd annual trip to the hospital. This tank brings back so many memories It was so different this year. The hospital has changed so much with really cool expansions. They added the coolest waiting room that is filled with Disney stuff and activities for the kids. It was like a mini Disney museum.
These halls are always a walk down memory lane for Jonathan and I. When we came up we saw Dr. Rawlings, which was Payton's primary Doctor during her 3 week stay. He is the Doctor that told Jonathan that he was asking the same question in several different ways and the outcome was the same, that we had a very sick little girl. Sounds harsh but we really were a pain and only wanted to hear that our little girl was going to be okay. Dr. Rawlings is a great doctor and we are so grateful for all he did for Payton. We told him what Payton had and he asked if she hit all of her milestones and we told him that she did and that she was perfect. It made me realize that not only were we blessed to have been able to take her home but also that she had no side effects.

They are so cute!

Payton and I standing in front of the Ronald McDonald house. This place is such an amazing place that gives so much to the families who are having to deal with the burdens of a sick child.