Monday, August 18, 2008

Big girl panties

I thought I’d try Payton out in big girl panties since she has been doing such a great job with toilet training. She is not getting the full concept yet but she sure does look cute in her little panties! I think I have a little ways to go before I can call her potty trained… it’s true that potty training is a challenging task!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Jonathon and I have made it a goal to go to the Florida Hospital once a year around Payton’s birthday to remember the three weeks we spent up there with her. We went a little early this year since we have such a crazy September. First we went to PF Changs and then walked around the Florida Hospital and took the NICU Doctors, Nurses and Staff a thank you card and cookies. It is our second time going there since Payton was born and it always brings back so many memories. When we got out of the parking garage, we use to park at, it made it seem as if it was yesterday that I would walk back and forth from the Ronald McDonald house to go visit my little angel. I am so appreciative of how well the FL Hospital staff took care of Payton. She has been such a joy in mine and Jonathon's life and a daily reminder to me that prayers are answered.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Payton went pee pee on the toliet!

Things were pretty exciting around the Wise home last night. After Payton finished her delicious and very messy meal that Grandma brought over, Jonathon went to give Payton a bath. As I was cleaning the kitchen Jonathon started yelling for me and I have to admit I was a little bummed because I thought Payton might have made a huge mess that he needed back up on. Instead I was surprised to find pee pee in Payton's little toilet. Jonathon said that he put her in the bathtub and she started saying pee pee so he thought he'd give her a chance and when he did he turned his back to grab something and turned back around to find pee in the toilet. Jonathon and I made the biggest deal of this milestone. We gave her tons of praise and she was loving every bit of it. She was smiling from ear to ear and was so excited. I never realized what a big deal getting a child to pee on the toilet was until I started working with her on it. I once say a Kate and Jon plus 8 episode were Kate was taking photos of the toddlers number 2 and I was thinking how weird and disgusting that was, but now having my own I can feel her joy;). It is just so amazing how the littlest things with your child can bring about the most happiness. I can't even imagine how I will feel when Payton gets the honor roll, student of the month or anything else big when I got so excited about a little pee;). Good job Payton... you’re such a good girl!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marble Slab or the Gym?

Last night after dinner Jonathon and I decided to take Payton to the kiddie gym and have a date at the gym. Everything went well until we took Payton to the gym and she lost her mind! I sat with her while Jonathon started his workout thinking that she would be fine and want to go play after a few minutes. Well… she did not want to play with the other kids and refused to leave my side so I decided that it would be best to just take her to the park and go to the gym when Jonathon was finished. After going to the park and coming home to clean up the house Jonathon got home and suggested that we go get Marble Slab since I had half way joked about it earlier in the day. Since it was 8:30pm and I thought there would be no way to get to Sanford in time before it closed, it made me want it even more. We called Marble Slab and they said that they closed at 10pm so I took this as a sign that eating a big ice cream was way more important than going to the gym;). Jonathon and I loaded Payton up and headed all the way to Sanford for an ice cream treat. Jonathon was so sweet about it because I told him that I could not believe that we were driving all the way to Sanford just to get an ice cream and he said that it was his pleasure especially since I don’t usually ask for things like this or make him wake up in the middle of the night to go get something for my weird cravings (or at least not yet;). I am so lucky to have such a loving and supportive husband who is always there for me. I love him so much! And the ice cream was way better than the gym! 27w4d

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pregnancy Update- 7months

Today I went for my 7 month check up and everything went really well. Jonathon came with me, which always makes the appointments so much more fun even when he is making fun of me by telling me that the scale said a half a pound more than what the nurse wrote down. Dr. Zittel said that everything was measuring up like it should and my blood pressure looked good. Also, I passed all the glucose blood work testing so I would be done with getting blood work done...thank goodness!

I was in shock when he told me that he would see me again in 2 weeks! I did not realize how close to the end I was getting until he said that. I remembered with Payton how fast everything went by once I had gotten to the 2 week appointment point.

It has been so amazing to me how similar this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Payton have been. The only thing that I have found to be very different is that with Payton I got the black line like a month into my pregnancy and with Britton it has been very faint. I have followed the same weight gain pattern with this one as what I did with Payton… almost pound to pound from week to week.

Payton has made this pregnancy really fun and go by so fast. When I was pregnant with Payton all I thought about all day was what it would be like to have a baby and be a mother. With this one I have been so busy that the time has just flown by! Payton has been very interested in my ever growing belly and has discovered my belly button that is about to be an outtie. She thinks it is funny to pinch it since I give her such a reaction and when I try to cover it up with my hand she pushes my hand away.

I am hoping that everything will go good until the end because I have been extremely nervous with my due date getting closer. I never was that scared with Payton because from any pregnancy I had ever seen the worst thing for a baby was to have to spend a few days in the hospital from jaundice. So, since I was hoping that I would not have to spend an extra day in the hospital due to jaundice with Payton I am hoping this time that jaundice will be my only issue;). I know that I have to have complete faith and know that everything happens for a reason. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a second child and hope for the best as any mother would. 27d4w

Monday, August 4, 2008

Payton's new dog Oliver

The other day Payton and I were shopping at Target in the kiddie section and Payton spotted a dog that she liked so I let her play with it thinking that I could sneak it away before we checked out. Well... when we got to the checkout lane she refused to let the dog go so I got it and what a good buy it has been. We named the little dog Oliver and got him a collar and leash and it has been about as good as the real thing (plus it does not pee on the carpet, require food and does not mind Payton pulling it around;).

It is so funny how much she treats it like a real dog. She went into the cupboard to Cali's treats and got Oliver a milkbone and was trying to feed it to him. Jonathon and I went for a walk the other night and Payton was so upset because we would not let Cali go so we got Oliver out with his leash and let her walk him down the road... it was quite the site to see. I know that people had to think we were crazy who drove by because Payton had her monkey on and was pulling her stuffed animal down the sidewalk. Jonathon and I were both a little embarssed but she was having too much fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Payton's pedicure

Today while I was painting my toes Payton sat with me watching and then wanted me to paint her toes . I usually do it when she is a sleep because she is so active and I never have been able to get her to sit still long enough to get the polish on her toes or long enough to keep it on. I started off with a clear polish that had a little glitter in it and after she saw me with the hot pink polish she wanted hers done too and luckily she sat perfectly still. It will not be long before I can take her with me to get pedicures while daddy and Britton are watching football;).

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Big Kill!

Jonathon, Payton and I got up and decided to do a little yard work which has been much needed. Payton ran around the side of the house so I followed her and about had a heartache! Payton came in inches of stepping on this nasty 7 foot snake… okay it was probably only 2 feet but my goodness it scared me probably as bad as if there was a big anaconda sitting in my yard. I screamed at the top of my lungs which was good because it made Payton stop before stepping on it but bad because Jonathon thought someone was trying to kill us. Jonathon came running around the corner of the house and I insisted that this snake must be killed. I went into the house to get something to kill the snake with but thought it would be best to bring out the beast. I have always heard of what an incredible hunter Cali is but have never been too impressed with her since I have only seen her kill little lizards and bugs but she sure proved me wrong. Once she spotted the snake the fight was on. The snake was trying to bit Cali and I saw a little blood on her tongue so she might have gotten a little bite. Cali took the snake and shook it in the air. Payton and I were watching from the safety of the porch and I was a nervous wreck but Payton found everything to be extremely entertaining and funny! As Cali was barking and snapping at the snake Payton was hysterically laughing. Jonathon finished the snake off with a 45 pound weight and tried to steal Cali’s thunder but Payton and I know who the true hero is. After having Jonathon wipe Cali’s entire body and mouth down she was rewarded with many treats and lots of praise. I never respected the true hunter that Cali really is until today! I was going to take a photo of Cali hunting but I did not want to have anything more than the horrible image that I have stock in my head of that nasty black snake. I know some people are probably thinking that those snakes are good because they keep the critters away but I don’t care because the critters don’t make my heart nearly come out of my chest! Poisonous or friendly they are all in the same class to me… I hate them all!