Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinner with Summer and Chris

Tonight Jonathon and I went on a date night with Summer and Chris. We went to downtown Lake Mary to a little pizza place that was really good. I think Papa Joes... not sure but it was yummy. Chris and Summer are doing really well and we had such a great time spending time with them. I sure don't get to see my Summer as much as I would like but I will take what I can get. Summer started making cakes so if anyone is in need she does great stuff! Let me know and I can you her contact info.

Petshop Friday

We have made a new little tradition called "Petshop Friday" which is when Payton is allowed to pick out a petshop or a little toy with the money she has earned throughout the week from do things such as chores, getting dressed, listening, etc. It has been really nice because anytime we go to the store I tell her that it is not Friday and she has to wait till Friday to buy something. She is so cute when she is choosing her favorite and she definitely has an opinion on her favorite. Choosing her favorite as she holds her bag of money.

Averaging about $5 a piece... Each little girl averaging about 40 pieces... Why did I not invent these little things?

Payton paying for her purchase.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A family trip to the Temple

Tonight we took Payton and Britton to the temple and to get some delicious TCBY. Britton was very excited about the temple and the free space to run, but Payton was not into it until the end because she had just fallen asleep in the car and was a little (okay alot!) on the grumpy side. After she snapped out of it she was very interested in Moroni. After exploring the temple grounds we went to TCBY and tried to sneak into Tiger Wood's neighborhood with no success! But the neighborhoods surrounding it were very impressive.

Look... it's Moroni!

Me in the background trying to comfort my grouch!

Already looks like a little missonary!

This was the first time I have given Britton his own ice cream in public and he was way into it! I tried to take a bite and he throw a fit... I guess I can understand;).

All of the mess was worth his joy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommies/ Daughters Date

Ashlea called me a few days ago and invited me and Payton to go with her and Grace to a ballet at the Bob Carr. I had to pull a few strings with Britton since Jonathon was out of town but I got it all together and had a wonderful time with Ashlea and Grace. We ate dinner at PF Changs and then went to the Bob Carr and finished the night with a trip to Walmart. It was such a great night getting to hang out with Ashlea. She is such a great friend!

Payton can do it better than I can with the sticks.

So Sweet!

Aww... My little Gracie!

Getting ready for the show. When we came in and sat down everyone cleared out.

After the ballet Grace and Payton were showing us their ballet skills.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun with Emily and Andrea

Today Emily and Andrea came over to go walking and swimming with us. We went on a walk and picked some beautiful wild flowers, went to Linda's house to swim and then got lunch at the club house and played a little while at the park. I love hanging out with Andrea (my beautiful crazy friend!) and Payton really enjoys playing with Emily.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spending Time With Grandma

Payton has been looking forward to her Grandma picking her up from school and today was her lucky day. Grandma came and got Payton from school for a girls trip to the church bookstore to get her first set of scriptures and scripture case, TCBY and of course to end a perfect day they went to the Dollar General for Payton to get a pet shop. Payton came home with lots of goodies and even made sure to get Britton a little football so he would not take her new toys. She had such a great time and loves her Grandma so much! Thanks Linda for always being such an amazing Grandma to Payton and Britton!

Payton playing with her pet shop and goodies.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cocoa Beach

Such a great vacation... I am already ready to go back!