Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sea Glass Hunting in NSB

My mom and sister have a new hobby of finding sea glass. They walk up and down the shores and find little pieces of glass that have been in the ocean for many years and have been tumbled into a smooth matte finish. Jonathon and I decided to try out our luck so we meet Christy, Cameryn, my mom and grandma at the beach. Jonathon found one, I found none, Christy found a ton, Cameryn found one, Payton thinks she found a lot and my mom did pretty good as well. We had lots of fun walking up and down the beach looking for treasures. After we went to the beach we walked up Turtle Mound which in you live in Florida and have not seen it then it is worth making the trip.

Britton finding a shell for grandma.

Digging the sand.

Playing in the water.

Me with my awesome husband!

Payton and Britton sitting on the top of Turtle Mound.

The view of the river from Turtle Mound.
The view of the ocean from Turtle Mound.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ice Cream Time!

Jonathan and I decided to load the kids in the car and head to Lowes to get some flowers and discovered that we had a Bruster's Ice Cream about 15 min from our house, in Apopka, and decided to give it a try after hearing good things from Katelyn. Well... she was right and it was amazing! Payton fell a sleep so Jonathon and I thought we would be okay for us to just share one from the drive through, but as soon as the lady handed it to us Britton started to use his hands to demand it from us so we got him a baby cone and he was very happy.

Give me that ice cream!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Britton 19 Months

Britton is now 19months old… wow! What a big boy he is! He is the happiest and silliest little boy! Britton has so much personality and lots of brains to go with it. Although Britton is quit the handful, he is also so much fun and makes life very interesting and exciting. Britton has been talking a lot now. Britton’s favorite things at this point are his shoes, Dora, swimming (he now loves diving for toys), his family, food (pizza, fruit, and any kind of sweets) and just being silly. We love our little Britters so much!

After Britton's Eye Surgery

After about two hours of Mr. Grumpy Pants we got our sweet, happy, loving Britton back. We thought we would get a day of rest out of him but it was far from a peaceful day as Britton wanted to play more then ever. I think he could see clearer and wanted to test his new eyes out. Back to his normal happy self. Waving to random strangers and making dinner more entertaining.

The boys waiting on Papa to take them on a ride. I think a favorite for both of them!

Britton's Eye Surgery

After waiting and desperately trying to solve the problem our self, Jonathon and I decided to get surgery for Britton's eye. Britton has had clogged tear ducts since birth. We tried many things to fix the problem ourselves such as messaging and other crazy methods. We were able to get one open on its own but the left side would get better for a few days and then get really goopy and Britton would wake up looking like a pirate with one eye completely closed. We went to Dr. Blumenfeld and he said that the tear duct was blogged causing the tears to not be able to drain. We went in at 7am to POPS in Orlando and they did a great job. From the time we got there to the time we left we had someone there to help us and make everything run very smoothly and organized. Britton had a very hard time with everything. They gave him some happy juice that chilled him out and off to the operating room he went. After about an hour and half later they brought us back one unhappy little boy. We could not comfort him. He was just plan MAD! The nurses ran his vitals and everything looked great so we were discharged with a little grouch! We put him in the car and put on his primary songs and that helped to keep him calm but the only rule was that we could not look at him. If we would look back and make eye contact with him he would scream and kick at us. It got to the point were Jonathon thought it was funny and would do it just for a good laugh. Britton would look out the window and then look over in the corner of his eyes to see if we were looking at him and get so mad if he caught us.

Dr. Blumenfeld said that everything went really well. He said that before the surgery he could not get the saline drops to go through but after the surgery they went through with no problem. We are just praying that his eyes stay open and clear because they are so beautiful... especially as a pai

My poor little baby!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exercising with the kids

Tonight I got a call from my little buddy Jayden asking if we wanted to go walking with him and his brother and mommy. We all went for some exercise and got a special surprise from some friendly horses. It was lots of fun! Thanks Jayden for calling me!

Britton would pick flowers and bring them to Alex.