Friday, January 30, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cupcake decorating

Grace and Payton helped me make cupcakes and got to decorate their own cupcake.

Happy Birthday Natalie

Happy 11th Birthday Natalie! We love you so much! You are such a fun girl!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strawberry picking

Jonathon, Payton, Britton and I went strawberry picking.
Payton sneaking a strawberry

Payton thought this dog was Jackson

Monster Jam Time

It is that time of year again where Natalie and I get way excited! Monster Jams! Jonathon does not get that excited about all of the car smashing but he is a good sport. This year Rick and Devon went with us. The Grave Digger won this year. My battery died after taking one photo so I don't have any awesome shots to show.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am a Child of God...

My little girl is growing up so fast! In the past two weeks she has amazed me at how much she is growing. She now will say things in full sentences. Yesterday when I was tickling her she said, "
Stop it! Don't do that!". Payton has also been saying her prayers and sings I am a Child of God with me. When we say our prayers I will usually tell her what to say but last night after I helped her open the prayer she went on by herself and blessed about everyone she knew (very long prayer so thank Payton if you get any extra blessings;). Payton has also been doing fabulous with the potty training. We have had no accidents. I recently bought Payton a stool for the kitchen so she can help me cook and she loves it. She helps me do the pouring and stirring and making the messes. Anytime she hears me in the kitchen she will run and get her stool ready to help. She is so much fun and I love having her as my little sidekick. 28m

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which is more ghetto...

... Payton's new sandbox or her bottom showing?!? I wanted to get Payton a sandbox but because they are not in season we got creative and got tupperware containers and she loves it! This is the kids favorite toy when they come over. It is proof that it does not take much to make kids happy;).

Britton is 3 months old

Britton is now three months and I just keep wondering how time goes by so fast?!? He is growing up so fast and I am in no hurry for that. With Payton I was always wanting her to get to the next milestone such as crawling and walking but with Britton I want him to stay little and non mobile for a long time! ;). I have learned that babies that stay where you put them are a lot easier than a busy toddler that runs.
Our family has been so blessed by this sweet little boy. He is so sweet and gives that most heart melting smiles. He is still a sleeper and loves to be stuggled. Payton has been very helpful with Britton but does get jealous of him at times. Having two children is so much fun and being blessed with a boy and a girl is so awesome! Britton is still in 3 month clothes but they are getting pretty tight. 3m

What the boys like to do together...

Jonathon and Britton having some daddy/son time on the couch.

What the girls like to do together...

Here is Payton helping me pick out some shoes. She was so cute as she ran around the store wanting to put on different shoes... she is such a girl!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bumbo is Back

I got the bumbo out for Britton and he loves it! These things are amazing! 2m3w

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Little Doctor

After getting home from Kid Troplis tonight Payton was insisting on a sticker. We call band-aids stickers as well so after not seeing any stickers in sight I figured she had a boo boo that she wanted to have a bandage to cover so I got her a sticker. I tried to give her the sticker and she did not want the sticker for herself. She pointed down to a small cut I had gotten earlier in the night on my foot. I put the Hello Kitty band-Aid on my foot and as I was standing in the kitchen with Jonathon she came up and kissed the bandage and said "all better!” She is so sweet and caring.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Croup and the blessing

It is crazy how some bad things in life can show you how the small things in your life are such a huge blessing. A couple days ago I was reading the article called, “Why Children get Sicker at Nighttime” in my Parenting Magazine. I thought this would be an interesting article because I have found that to be very true with Payton. Anyways as I was reading the article it was talking about Croup and why it is worse at night and what to do to treat it. I found this to be an interesting topic since I had spent the night in the ER last year with Payton and how scary the whole thing was for me, Jonathon and Payton.

A couple nights later Payton woke herself to a horrible cough that I had only heard one time before and that was when she had croup. She was scared and having the hardiest time breathing. While I was holding her and trying to comfort her I was getting a plan together of which ER I would take her to and whether or not to leave Jonathon and Britton behind. Jonathon and I were thinking of what was the best thing to do and I remembered reading that article in the magazine and decided to look at it again. I read the article and it said the way to treat croup (if it has not gotten to serious) was to take the child into a hot steaming bathroom for 15 minutes then take them outside in the cold air for 5 minutes with a dose of Motrin. Jonathon and I did this with her and it really did make things better. She was such a trooper through the whole process. I felt so bad for her though because one time she threw up on me and said "I sorry... all better". I just held her and told her it was going to be okay. We put her back to sleep and the next morning she was a little sick with a cold but definitely a lot better than what she was.

It was such a huge blessing to Jonathon and I that I had read that article and was able to take care of the croup with out the need of another 5 hours in the ER and having to scare Payton even more than she was. The little things in life can bring huge blessings.

Monday, January 5, 2009

1…2…3… Time Out Puppy!

Payton giving Puppy a time out.

Payton is at that age where she is starting to mock every thing I do. When we get ready in the morning she will try to do things like put on deodorant and makeup. This evening Payton and I took Britton and Puppy (her stuffed animal that she named Puppy) on a walk and after we heard some dogs barking Payton got down to her Puppy and told him Time Out! A little ways down our walk I was listening to her talk to her Puppy and she told him one, two, three…TIME OUT! It made me laugh. Britton enjoying his stroller ride.
Britton 10 weeks old

Payton's new favorite activity is playing in the dirt.

Oh No!

Oh No!

Airplane Mommy!

Payton and Grace's Preschool/Play date

Ashlea and I have decided to switch off one morning a week for Payton and Grace to get together and play. Grace came over today with her backpack ready to have some fun. Payton had so much fun with Grace and they played so well together. Next week Grace told me she wanted to paint and I can't wait to see the little artist in action;).

Coloring Time
Play-dough... and not even that messy... thanks Grace!

Learning time

Snack time
Britton taking a cat nap

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smiley Pants!

My little guy has been so smiley the last few days. We will look over at him and he will have the biggest smile and then he lets out some sweet little goos and coos. 9w4d

Britton first playdate with Alex

Alex 3 days old; Britton 9 weeks 4 days old
Britton is making funny faces for Alex.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppie!

We all went over to my mom and Ron's house to celebrate Ron's Birthday. There was a lot of dancing and corn hole playing. The birthday boy beat Bryant 21 to 0 and Jonathon 21 to 1. Payton had a blast playing and dancing with her Nee. We also got to see my CRAZY uncle and aunt from Ohio. Happy Birthday Ron! Payton and Nee doing some serious dancing!
Payton and me loving on Teddy.
Payton dancing with Teddy.
Mr. Button is out after some serious play time and lots of smiling.