Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation at Cocoa Beach

We spent the week at Coca Beach. My mom and grandma came with us for the first few days and then Jonathan came up after he got done with work. Cameryn spent the week with us as well. We had lots of fun!Jonathan and Britton vs. a crab

Cameryn showing how strong she is by holding Nee.

Payton jumping huge waves;).

Cameryn was such a huge help with the kids. I love having my little buddy with me.

Britton and my mom hunting for sea glass.

Hunting Sea glass with Nee but all we could find was these nasty jellyfish!

Britton went to work with me to pick up a permit and we stopped to play at a park on the side of the road.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cocoa Beach- Jellyfish Hunting!

If you are thinking gross... then I know how you feel! My kids got the biggest kick out of hunting these nasty little silicone looking things! They spent many hours hunting for them and filling their buckets with these slimmey things. I let them take them up to the pool and while Britton took a nap with Jonathan, Payton and Cameryn played with them for about an hour by organizing them and giving them names. I refused to touch them and the only time I had to was once when I was walking with my mom and stepped on one (about had a heart attack) and the other time when my sweet husband threw a piece of one at me!

I love this photo! Almost looks staged.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Britton swimming all by himself!

Britton has been doing amazing with his swimming. It is so funny to see all of the reactions of the bystanders by the pool, which all range from being scared (when they see this little 20 month old jump freely into the water... and even more scared when his mommy who is watching does not jump right in after him) to being excited and then the ones who are in disbelief that he can swim and dive to the bottom of the pool at only 20 months. It's amazing how physically advanced this little boy is and how much he loves the water!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the Whitehouse and Movies

Today we I decided to try the kids out at a free movie at the Oviedo Marketplace. I meet my friend Andrea up there and figured that if Britton could not take it then we would just leave because I was not losing much with it being free. The kids lasted about 45 minutes and Britton actually did better than Payton did. I threatened Payton a few times that we would leave and then I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said yes so we left and went to play with Ashlea. Payton was way more satisfied with playing dress up and spending time with her Gracie!
Ashley, it still makes me laugh thinking of the story of Gavin dancing the day before with his special outfit! ;)
This little Precious Perian truly is Sweet P! She's such a cutie!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Payton's First Dance Class

Payton is the one all the way to the right.

I have been wanting to get Payton into a dance class for so long. I finally found a dance school that had the option of making a low commitment to introduce her to dance. Kidzdance had a class that is one day a week for four weeks and I was sold. The studio was much different than any other school I have seen. Payton's class is called Fairytale Dance and the little girls get to dress up and do fairytale dances. The teacher has a different theme each week and it is so cute! Payton jumped right into it and did pretty well for her first time. She is already looking forward to going back next Monday. I loved watching her through the one way windows. She is such a cute little ballerina!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Part 5: Birthday Shopping with the Girls

My mom came over and got me to go meet my sister to go shopping, get a pedicure and lunch. Before we left we ate some birthday Oreo cake (a family tradition!). We did some shopping and ate at Panera Bread. The Koi was closed so we were not able to get a pedicure but there were no worries because since Target was very close by. After shopping my sister and mom came back to my house to hang out and help me hang Britton’s curtains up in his room. It was great hanging out with my mom and sister. I love both of them so much and feel blessed to have them in my life. We have so much fun being together!

Part 4: Birthday Cake with Rick, Linda and Natalie

After we got home and settled from the long weekend Rick, Linda and Natalie came over and brought me this delicious frozen ice cream cake! It was very tasty!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Part 3: Birthday with my little family!

After the girls went home Jonathan and the kids came to the hotel to stay the night. This was the first night that I stayed the night away from the kids and Payton had a hard time with it. She could not understand how I could leave her... I've always said that she is my possessive little girlfriend! Payton and Britton were so excited to see me and Payton told me Happy Birthday about 100 times. She loved on me and I loved it! Jonathan was very excited to see me as well because he got a little taste of what taking care of two kids by himself was like;). After we walked around and got settled we went down to the pool, but I did not last long and Jonathan told me to go up stairs and take a nap. At first I hesitated but I thought what other day could I get away with something like that and plus staying up so late with the girls had finally caught up to me! After naps we got ready and went back for round two at the Hardrock. We had lots of fun there and I would recommend it to anyone with kids because it is so loud in there that our kids just blended in and added to the ambiance of the restaurant.

After dinner we walked around City Walk and went and got Payton a pearl from the Pearl Factory. It was so great to spend time with my kids and husband... I am such a lucky girl, or old 26 year old;)!

They were looking at the koi fish and one of them nibbled on Britton's finger and it scared him... it was so funny!