Saturday, September 27, 2008

Graduation Celebration

After Jonathon’s graduation we did lots of celebrating. We first went to Marble Slab for ice cream and then Jonathon and I went on a really nice date to Ruth Chris for dinner. On Saturday we had a graduation party at Linda and Rick’s house. Sunday Ricky and Konnie had a graduation BBQ at their house. Monday Jonathon, Payton and I took off to Cocoa Beach for a family vacation which was much needed after all of the busy week we had.

Our special date Jonathon's graduation party

Getting ready for the toast. Michael and Geoffrey gave a toast to Jonathon and they were both so wonderful.These are cookies that Rhea made. Look how creative she is with the spines;).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Congratulations Dr. Jonathon Wise

Jonathon has finally graduated and I don’t think I have ever been so proud. I remember going with Jonathon’s to his first day of orientation and thinking how long away his graduation was. Jonathon has worked so hard and had so many extra challenges such as having to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes each way, a needy pregnant wife (twice!), a sick baby and so much more.
Palmer had a really nice graduation ceremony in Daytona. My mom, Ron, Linda, Natalie, Rick, Katelyn, Macie, Michael, Geoffrey, Rhea, Jayden, Ricky, Konnie, Payton and I were all there to watch our graduate go across the stage. I could not be more proud of you Jonathon! I love you so much and feel so blessed to be your wife.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Finally Feels Like Fall!

I got so excited today when I walked outside and did not feel like I was going to melt! The weather was so beautiful and I even questioned if I should take a light jacket for Payton. I love the fall and all of the fun festive activities and beautiful weather. I especially appreciate the beautiful weather being a big pregnant girl;). I just hope the weather stays as pretty as it has today and a little cooler would not be a bad thing.

Big Boy!!!!

I went yesterday for an ultrasound and as I was watching the ultrasound tech measure everything I was getting a little worried because everything was coming out bigger than what I was (34 weeks). At the end of the ultrasound the tech said that Britton looked like he was 6 pounds! When I got an email article from a pregnancy site, it that said babies at 34 weeks weigh about 4.75 pounds so I was a little thrown back when she said 6 pounds. Although I worry about myself having to deliver such a large baby I am happy that he is bigger verse small because Payton was thought to be small and weighed 5 pounds and 9 ounces at 37 weeks. Jonathon, Payton and I went to a doctor's appointment and Dr. Zittel said everything looked great so I am excited to be able make it to Jonathon's graduation tomorrow ;)! Dr. Zittel said that Britton was in the 77 percentile. I am now at weekly checkups. 34 w 4 d

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maternity Photos

Katelyn was nice enough to take maternity photos for Jonathon and I. This was something that I was going to pass up but I decided to do them since Jonathon agreed to be in the photos with me and I am glad that I did because these will be great memories. Katelyn does a great job taking photos and we are going to have her take our Christmas family photos so if anyone is looking for a photographer for family photos you have my recommendation. I am 34 weeks in these photos. I am posting photos of my bear belly so if you don't want to see them then don't scroll down any further... just a friendly warning;).
34 weeks and counting down!

A soon to be family of 4!

Payton giving her brother kisses.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ray and Pat's 60 year anniversary

Tonight was Rick's parents, Ray and Pat Teets, 60 year anniversary party and it was really nice. Rick and Linda had a really nice reception at Lake Receptions and thanks to Linda's decorating expertise it was so beautiful! Can you believe 60 years of marriage?!?!? What a wonderful blessing to be with the person you love the most for 60 years and have eternity to look forward to. Here are some of the photos of the decorations and of the reception.

The kiddie table

Natalie and Hannah singing to Ray and Pat

Payton getting down on the dance floor!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sisterly/Brotherly Love

Everyone asks me if Payton understands that I am having a baby and I think she does. She treats my belly like it is a baby and it is so cute! If she ever sees my bare belly she will give it a hug and a kiss which a lot of that has been coached but last night Jonathon and I were sitting on the floor watching Britton aggressively move around and Payton came up and gave him a kiss and then she got her sippy cup and was trying to give Britton a drink through my belly button. I thought it was so funny and sweet. I think she thinks that the belly button is the mouth because she has tried to put her pacifier in there. When she was done giving Britton a drink she pulled my shirt down and said night night. 33w3d

Monday, September 15, 2008

2 year check up

Payton a little nervous about getting her shots ;).

Today Jonathon and I took Payton to her 2 year check up and everything went really well. I finally got Payton the MMR shot, which I put off for a year, but I fell good about doing it when I did. Jonathon was kind enough to switch his days around so he could come and help an emotional pregnant girl with comforting a toddler after getting those horrible shots. Payton actually did pretty well with getting the shots with only about 30 seconds of crying and a few no nos and a couple ouchies! Dr. Madden stressed to Jonathon and I the importance of child proofing our house and being extremely careful with Payton around swimming pools. He said that this was the first year since he started practicing in Florida that he had not lost a patient due to an accidental drowning. When Jonathon and I got home we did a few extra child proofing to insure that no pointless accidents happen.

After the appointment Jonathon and I celebrated our hard work with going to PF Changs (Jonathon's favorite) and Marble Slab (my favorite). I also talked Jonathon into taking me to Babies R Us (his least favorite store) and I got the cutest little baby book for Britton and a few decorations for his room. Payton slept the whole time during lunch and continued to sleep when she got home. When she woke up she was ready to go again... those baby shots cannot hold this big girl back;).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Precious Payton

Payton’s actual birthday was on Sunday so Jonathon and I decided to celebrate by just spending time with Payton and doing what she wanted to do. Payton woke up in the best mood… it was as if she knew it was her special day. When she woke up she said, “Hi Mommy! Hi Jesus! (we have a picture of Jesus hanging by our bed)! Hi Daddy! ” Payton then went to the living room and opened her presents and fell in love with a baby doll that Jonathon and I got her that came with an umbrella stroller. She was so excited to play with her new baby. After some play time we went to church and then ate Payton’s favorite meal, chicken nuggets and french-fries. We then went swimming and came home and took a long nap. When Payton woke up we played some more and then took her baby on a walk outside. For dinner we ate pizza, salad and birthday cake. It was such a wonderful day!

Payton, I want you to know how much your mommy and daddy love and adore you. You have brought so much joy to our family and we feel so blessed to be your parents. Over the past 2 years watching you grow has been more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. You have grown from the most precious little baby to the sweetest and funniest toddler that anyone could ask for. We love you so much! Happy birthday to our little precious Payton! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dolphins and the Wedding

Payton looking at the dolphins with her Pa Pa
Jonathon was in his friend Jeremiah's wedding this weekend. The wedding was in St. Augustine at Marine Land. The wedding was so unbelievably hot but was very pretty. The got married by the dolphin tank which was really cool because the dolphins were really friendly and would come up the the glass. Payton loved seeing the big fishies;).

Payton having good girl smell the pretty flower
Payton wanting to wear the rose like Jonathon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Payton's 2nd Birthday Party!

Tonight was Payton's 2nd Birthday Party and she had such a great time! We did a Sweet Shoppe Theme and got a bouncer for the kiddies and they loved it. Payton was so excited to have all of her favorite people all in one spot. I could tell she did not know what to think of all of the love and attention everyone was showing to her. Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate this special day with us.
Payton's Candy Shop. Payton kept coming up to the candy table and saying Treat! Treat! and Sucker! Sucker! She was totally taking advantage of the fact that it was her special day;)!
Payton trying to get daddy to get her a treat. Payton in her sweet little dress that Aunt Kate made for her... thanks Aunt Kate!

The kids getting ready to bounce.

Payton having so much fun!

Swim Time!

Payton and Jayden

Cupcake and ice cream time!

Payton blowing out her candles... right before she almost burnt herself from getting too close. I accidentally got trick candles... OOPS!Jayden enjoying his cupcake.
Me and Jonathon with our little Miss Cupcake.