Sunday, March 22, 2009

Linger Longer

Today we went to the linger longer to eat some good food and mingle with the ward.

She's No Ordinary Girl!

Payton has always liked the weirdest toys. When she was a year old her favorite toys were cell phone cords, dog toys, and ropes. Now that she is getting older she still has some unusual choice in her play items. Lately she has been playing with wash clothes and small blankets. She will go all over the house and collect any kind of cloth and put them in piles or stuff them in her purses. I just love my little weirdo!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Payton is 2 and 1/2!

My little baby girl is growing up so much! Payton is now 2 and 1/2 and so much fun! Some of Payton's favorite things to do are play with her doggies and babies, play with her cousins, get her nails painted, go to the park, play tennis, go exploring outside, make huge messes, dance and eat treats! Payton's favorite foods right now are carrots with ranch dressing, pizza, cheese, yogurt, french fries, turkey, chicken and any kind of candy. Payton loves to read her scriptures every night and any time she sees the little Indian girls she says, "there's Payton"! Payton is talking so well... maybe too well sometimes;). She has been fully pottie trained for a while (even through the night HOORAY!!) and when she goes number two she expects full privacy and wants the door closed ;). Payton can now count to ten and has been having a blast counting everything she comes in contact with. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
I love having a little girl to do things with. Some of my favorite times with Payton are in the morning when I am getting ready and she sits on a stool and watches me get ready and plays with my make up and mocks what I do. I also love going on walks with her and listen to the funny things she says. She is such a blessing. I love you Payton so so much! You're the best girl a mother could as for!

Tennis and the Shuttle

Jonathon, me, Katelyn, Michael, Rhea, Geoffrey and the kids all went to play tennis and got a treat when we got to see the shuttle go off. It was so beautiful and looked so close to where we were.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh No!!!

Britton is rolling over! 4m2w