Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lake House

Here are some photos from the Lake House in Mount Dora. This is going to be the hot spot this summer;).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

With Easter being so early this year everything felt so different and really was for the Wise family. Usually every year we have a Easter party at Rick and Linda's house but with the big move that they had they decided to go to the Ginn Resort in Orlando for Easter. Although it was much different this year, it was tons of fun. We had the opportunity to spend time as a family and do lots of fun Easter stuff.

Payton with her daddy and "good girl" Grandma.

Jayden getting ready for church.

Here is Jonathon helping Payton color her first Easter egg...

...Here is Payton right before she reached the red dye and poured it all over the carpet (HUGE MESS)!

Payton hunting Easter eggs for the first time. She found a couple but was more interested in going up and down the hill.

We did our Easter egg hunt on the golf course.

Baby Macie being a sweetheart.

I love this photo!

Me and my little bunny.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bling Girl

Payton and Jonathon came to see me at the Gaylord Palms were we set up a Bling Makeup booth. Here is Payton helping us promote our beautiful glitter stickers;).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally! A Pediatrician Worth Getting Excited About!

Today Jonathon and I took Payton for her 18 month check up to a new Doctor and WOW! Dr. Madden was absolutely amazing! He was so gently and understanding with Payton. She did not even cry or get scared during the examination because he would play with her and even let her play with his little flashlight tool so that she would be distracted. Not only was he great with Payton, but he was also wonderful with Jonathon and I and took time to answer every question we had without pushing us out the door. It is refreshing to finally find a pediatrician that does not find my child to be an inconvenience and takes the time with me. I would recommend him to anyone so if anyone is looking for a doctor let me know and I will give you his information.

By the way Payton's check up went well. She now weighs 26 pounds and is 32 inches. She was a little sick so she did not get any shots today... good for me;). Thanks for recommending him to me Rhea!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bubble Girl

Here is Payton playing with her bubbles.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jonathon is finally home!

After a long 13 days without Jonathon he finally arrived home safely. Payton and I went to the airport on Monday at 8:00pm to pick him up. When Payton saw him she got so excited and ran full speed towards him… I think it made him feel really good;). Jonathon said that he got great experience and that the people in Brazil were so grateful for treatment and he even got some hugs after treating some of the people. Although he said that he got great experience Jonathon was very excited to be back in America. Brazil, according to Jonathon, is nothing like the USA and it made him very grateful to be an American. He said that the food was mostly salty meats with very little vegetation and no tomato sauce pizza… only weird kinds like banana pizza and candy pizza. Jonathon said that the food was very expensive and that it cost $105 US dollars to do one load of laundry! Can you believe that!?! While Jonathon was gone he got these killer tattoos… okay killer henna tattoos. But how sweet was that? We are so excited to have him back home and will not let him do any of those trips again anytime soon;).

Katelyn's Birthday

Today was Katelyn’s 21st birthday and we celebrated the BIG 2-1 by having a great girls (and Jayden) day out. We all went to get a pedicure at this really cool salon in Waterford Lakes called the Magic Nails. We then enjoyed a meal at California Pizza Kitchen and ate some delicious cookie cake… I just love birthdays! Happy birthday Kate! Love ya girl!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dirty Girl!

Payton and I went to the Primary activity at the farm. It was a very nice activity and had a great turn out. Payton had a blast getting dirty and I rarely let her get down and dirty but I thought what the heck and she took full advantage of it. She gave herself a full on dirt bath and she did not miss a spot! As she started to sprinkle the dirt into her hair I decided that it was enough so I decided to take her inside to get cleaned up and that’s when things got really interesting. Somehow Cali let herself out by opening the door and spotted a foreign dog that she had never seen before. The dogs got in a chasing match and poor little Grace got ran over by Crazy Cali… I felt horrible! After all of the commotion of everyone freaking out about this foreign dog I finally got both dogs locked away. I know from this blog it probably seemed like a chaotic event (well at least for me) but Payton and I actually had a great time and were very happy to have been invited.