Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Britton took his first step!

Tonight I was hanging up some pictures in the family room and I looked over and Britton was free standing for like ten seconds and I called Jonathon to come look. Britton fell down and then I picked him up and he took a step by his self. We all got so excited for him and even Payton was cheering for Britton. Go Big Boy Button! 8m2d

A whole new animal!

There were many things Payton did, as a baby, that were tough (opening and emptying lotion and soap bottles, emptying any drawer or cabinet she could find and many others) but two things that I was lucky enough to not have a big problem with were climbing and getting into the toilets... well I don't think I will be that lucky with Britton. Britton has already discovered the toilets and any chance he gets he will try to play in them. Britton has also been trying to climb on anything he can get on top off. I will catch him using toys to stand on to get higher. I am thinking that I probably am going to have a little monkey on my hands! 8m Britton trying to climb on top of the kitchen with the assistance of the cash register.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Build a Dog

Today my mom took Cameryn and Payton to Build a Bear to build a dog. When we first got there Payton spotted a Hello Kitty and got excited but then she spoted a doggie so she wanted that instead. I tried to get her to get the Hello Kitty (much cutier) but she insisted on the doggie so she got a matching one like Cameryn's. Payton did find hello kitty panties at the end which was everything to her because she has a true love for panties. If we are ever shopping at Wal-mart and I want to do something special for her I get her a pack of panties and she thinks I am the best mom ever! She will say thank you mommy so much!

After Build a Bear we went and did some shopping. There were some great summertime deals out there.

Nee, thank you so much for taking us out... we love you!

Payton deciding between the Hello Kitty or the doggie. Stuffing the dogs.

Cleaning their doggies.

Cleaning Mr. Button.

Cameryn loving on her Britton.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Rhea and I took the kiddies up to meet Katelyn and Macie at the Marion County library to meet Clifford the Big Red dog. Payton thought he was something special. She wanted to put Clifford on a leash... she still has a thing with dogs and leashes. (She has a building block that has a D and a picture of a dog on it and she always ask me to put the block on a leash).

Come on Clifford! Just let Payton put the leash on!

Payton and Jayden
After the library we went to Chuckie Cheese for some pizza and playtime and than we went back to Kate and Macie's house for some more playtime. After all of the playing Rhea and I went to Hobby Lobby for some big kid playtime.
Later that night the White's came over and had dinner with us. The kids got to play and had a great time together. Payton was so funny because Grace started to cry and Payton sat on the ground and held out her arms and said hold you Grace... such a good friend! Britton had fun too
because the kids left food unattended on the kids picnic table and I caught him standing up going to town on the refried beans. They were all over his face and over his clean pj's. He looked like a sneaky little puppy dog.

It was a busy and fun day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Messy Party

Today Jayden came over to get messy with Payton. I had a Messy Party for the kids and they had a blast. Messy shaving cream fight.

Messy snack time.

Messy chalk. I let them draw all over Payton's house and they kept looking back at me wondering why this was okay. They thought making this kind of mess was great but little did they know that the mess was gone with the spray of the hose;).

Messy painting.

Messy lunch time.

To end this messy party they had a bubble bath. Payton and Jayden laughed and played so hard together. It was so much fun watching them have so much fun.

Maybe Later...

Lately I feel like I over use the word NO with Payton. In my efforts to say no less I tell Payton maybe later. If she ask to go do something or go see someone and it is not the appropriate time I will tell her maybe later we can go do that. So today Payton and I were cleaning out the garage (Father's Day gift ;) and I asked Payton to go get her Dora car and bring it back into the garage and she told me maybe later! It's no fun when you get a taste of your own medicine! 33m

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No No Britton!

I get the biggest laugh when we are playing in the play room because Payton will get purses, boxes, bags or anything else that can hold her stuff and she will fill it with the most random weird items (underwear, straws, birthday candles and other weird stuff). Payton will than find a spot and look through her stuff and Britton will lock in on her and take off after her stuff in full speed and than she will hurry as fast as she can and gather her items and take off to a new spot far away from him. They will repeat this over and over and it makes me laugh so hard. Payton always says, "no no Britton!" Britton has been holding on to stuff with one hand and free standing for a few seconds at a time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trying to stay cool

It has been such a hot summer...no surprise... it's Florida! Thank goodness for pools and especially kiddie pools. We went swimming with Rhea, Jayden and Alex. There is nothing better for cooling off and getting energy out of little monkeys.Payton and Jayden cooling down Big Boy. Britton got his very own pool to swim in. He loves the water.

Britton in the background loving life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grace's Enchanted Tea Party

Payton got to go to Grace's Enchanted Tea Party to celebrate Grace turning 4 years old... such a big girl! The party was so cute and so much fun! Happy Birthday Grace! The birthday girl!Payton after getting ready for the party and getting her glitter makeup on.
The girls got to paint their very own tea cup. There were dress up clothes for the girls to choose and instead of picking a princess dress Payton wanted to wear the Lumpy costume.

The enchanted tea "lemonade" party

Princess Grace thinking of a wish.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monkeying Around

Today I took the kids to Monkey Joe's and it was no easy task. Our first attempt was stopped after pulling out of the driveway and realizing I had a flat tire. What a nightmare that was trying to explain to Payton after using it as a bribing tool all morning long. After getting my tire fixed we headed out and the kids had a great time once we finally arrived. Natalie and Cameryn played so well together. This was the first time that Britton got to play. Big Boy Button's first time playing at MJs.

Natalie and Payton and ?.

Cameryn and Payton